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Are we going to lose #Detachedyouthwork now youth centres are reopening?

What's happening in your area/project once we start to open up again?

@RochdaleYouthie (Rochdale YS)

In Rochdale it always has and will continue to be one of our key methods of delivery, along with open access centre based provision, it's how we build and maintain relationships with a wide range of young people in our communities..

@Youngandsafe21 (Young and Safe Street Based Team)

We are a detached team so for us its normal business, hopefully we will be able to restart outdoor activities and youth sessions by the summer

@EastMidsYouth (Leicestershire and Rutland Youth and Family Services). This is not the case with us. We champion detached youth work & it will always be a huge part, if not the main part of the work we carry out. It's nice to have centres to hold sessions in but to engage young people on the streets is just as rewarding if not better. #youthworks

@SseYouthservice (Leeds Youth Service)

We are still doing more detached/mobile provision work than centre based. Some of our centres are still closed 🙁

@emilypeapod (Emily Pearson)

@NYTCalderdale @NYTWakefield are continuing with an increased amount of detached work. It will never be lost 👍🏻

@SpecialistYouth (Specialist Youth Work)

Maybe the headlines should be about promoting detached youth work as the way forward, in light of the current pandemic and the closures of centres, thus the need for all to adapt working ways with arguably detached youth work leading the way maybe?

@RomneyWood (Brian Wood)

It’s been key to our youth work in Lancashire for over 20 years. It’s part of our core offer but so is centre based work.

We cannot leave this form of youth work behind it’s still needed and key for me. No it’s staying it’s one of our core offers in Lancashire

Roy Smith Medway Youth Service

We were already looking at ways to expand our detached work pre-covid and think this is likely to continue. In the short term, we are seeing more young people on the street than we have in a long time (numbers of young people on the street and in parks have dropped over the past 10 years where we are). The closure (or disruption) of youth clubs for a year will likely mean they will take longer to get back and young people who have been kept indoors may prefer being outside. How this will settle in the long run is less certain

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