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International Perspectives

International Webinar - June 2020

International webinar for Detached, Outreach and Street-based youth workers - Working with young people in the context of COVID_19. Organised by the UK Federation for Detached Youth Work and supported by Dynamo International which was held on Wednesday 17th June 2020 - see the video here

Full documentation from the webinar with thanks to Graeme Tiffany for compiling these notes.

Powerpoint presentation by Børge Erdal who is leader of the City Centre Outreach Service [Uteseksjonen] in Oslo, Norway in 2009

Dynamo International - International network of street workers

Dynamo International coordinates the International network of social street workers who approach various populations in their environment (children, youth people and adults). 50 national platforms of street workers are members of the network, coming from southern and northern countries. -

Dynamo International: policy statement on COVID-19

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