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Youth Work – The Guardian

The word on the streets - Kaufman

Out on the streets with nowhere to go

Youth work is vital for local communities – but how do we fund it?

Park life

Disadvantaged teenagers left isolated as clubs and holiday camps are closed

If only cuts to youth services were fantasy

A lack of youth services is failing children and young people in the UK

Disarming the 'urban soldiers'

Children & Young People Now

On Their Territory: Detached youth work

Detached Youth Work: The cost of reaching out

OPINION: Hot Issue - Do detached youth workers get the credit they deserve?

Detached youth work: On The Streets

Resources: Quick guide to ... detached youth work

Analysis: Practice - Youth services - Is work best delivered on streets or in centres?

On their turf (needs CYPN sign-in)

Big interview: Intervention close to home - Peter Harris, chair, The National Federation of Detached Youth Workers

The National Youth Agency: Detached work comes in from the cold

Start from the street and work your way up (needs CYPN sign-in)

OFSTED & Government


Effective youth services

Evaluation of Approaches to Commissioning Young People’s Services

What do we mean by Good Youth Work? BATHNES

The NYA Guide to Youth Work in England

Services for young people -Memorandum issued to Education Select Committee by Ofsted

Transforming Youth Work - Resourcing Excellent Youth Services

INFED & Other Publications

Detached, street-based and project work with young people


The Youth Association - Detached Youth Work Policy

The role of detached youth work in creating safety for young people in public spaces

The role of street-based youth work in linking socially excluded young people into education, training and work

Street-based Youth Work – Explanation, Guidelines and Strategy

Detached Youth Work Guidelines

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