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Reconnecting Detached Youth Work pulls no punches. It is the result of a long hard look at detached youth work in England today.

The findings are the result of extensive nationwide research, drawing on both researcher observations and interviews. RDYW is an opportunity for detached youth workers and their managers, as well as young people and representatives of partners organisations to "tell it like it is".

RDYW offers a powerful, clear insight into the challenges facing detached youth work today. The guidance and recommendations it offers will provide invaluable to new and established projects alike.

These guidelines are designed to stimulate thinking, promote good judgement-making and highlight the proficiency and/or professionalism required to deliver this distinctive form of youth provision.

Detached youth work is, for many young people, the only chance they have truly to shape their own education - the only opportunity they have to learn through the exercise of their power how to make decisions that can enable them to become autonomous and flourish as adults.

It is this opportunity to learn through the practice of democracy that is detached youth work's most distinctive and potentially powerful contribution.

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