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Conference 2022 - Hinsley Hall, Leeds - 21st & 22nd May

Here's the line up for our exciting Detached Youth Work Annual Conference. Day tickets are still available but tickets sales end this Saturday. you can get your tickets via Eventbrite - here!

A closer look at our speakers/presenters/facilitators:


will open the conversation with How do you evaluate your work? What works well? How are young people and youth workers perspectives considered when designing monitoring and evaluation

Tania has been a detached youth worker for over 20 years and is still a volunteer, now a lecturer and researcher at Kings College London. Her book was published in 2016 Grassroots Youth Work, Policy, Passion and Resistance in Practice.


our second speaker on Saturday ‘The language of social policy: implications for detached youth work’

Graeme is a FDYW trustee, independent education consultant, trainer, lecturer and researcher in informal and community education and community philosophy. Author of Reconnecting Detached Youth work and represent FDYW in Dynamo International (the world-wide network of social street workers.


talking about Detached Youth Work practice in the context of Political unrest

Paul came into youth work through the peace movement in Northern Ireland and led a youth organisation called Public Achievement focusing on social change. Now he is a freelance trainer and researcher.


will ask the question: Is ordinary youth work supervision enough? Should we expect more? and introduce you to clinical supervision.

Tracie has more than 20 years detached youth work experience and now works in a psychological informed team with marginalised young men of 16 to 25 at risk of serious youth violence. She is also a Mindfulness and Somatic coach

ROSS PODYMA – Sporting Communities CIC.

will explore our own experiences of what play is and as a collective we will look at the values of ‘Play’ and how this changes throughout our life and what context it ‘Plays’ particularly in relation to youth work today. We will explore how it feels to play again as an adult and examine what the barriers facing young people today and how or if this shapes sour society in anyway.

I started my journey into the world of Play work as a detached Youth worker in the mid 1980s with Hanley Youth Project youth Charity. During his career he has kept a golden thread of Play practice no matter in what context. Work has been published in an international Journal of Playwork publication (Common Threads) and I have in 2022 set up the very first National Centre of Playwork Training and Research-a knowledge exchange relationship with Oxford Brooks University

Further workshops on the Saturday include:

ANDREW TAYLOR a FDYW trustee will run a workshop on Saturday - Detached Youth Work – the creative practitioner. You will discuss youth workers as social researchers. How do we keep refreshing the passion for the work?

Andrew is a professional worker of 20 years working in the community using the detached youth work method. Worked with runaways, those in care and sex industry, intergenerational work and a senior lecturer for foundation course in Youth and Community Work

MIKE COLLYER a trustee with FDYW will run a workshop on Saturday Time Space and Reflection. What did we learn through the pandemic? What did we struggle with? How did we deal with young people’s issues whilst we deal with our own fears? How did we work inclusively with the young people in communities?

Mike has been a youth worker for 25 years, managed community detached youth worker and now oversees detached youth work with the focus on CCE and CSE

EMILY COLLINSBEARE a trustee with FDYW will run a workshop on Saturday – will explore the management of Detached Youth Work in the context of Covid and learn from the past 2 years

Emily is an experienced practitioner and freelance youth work consultant focused mostly in London. Now works with young carers service, community development and detached youth work teams.

KELLY BRADSHAW – will present themes from the recent research and review case studies of detached youth work practice on Saturday. She will look at the impact of detached youth work and what the role it has played during Covid 19 pandemic

Kelly is a social researcher and evaluator with extensive experience of working with the youth sector organisations. She is now conducting research related to quality and impact in detached youth work

KEV JONES – trustee with FDYW. His workshop looks at the use of story telling and diary keeping for research. What are the benefits of using diary keeping as a research and reflective tool.

Kev is the Head of Workforce and Professional Development for NYA and a trustee for 42nd Street Manchester, a professional youth worker for 30 years

Further workshops on the Sunday include:

PAUL TUCKER one of our Sunday workshop facilitators – Peace and Detached Youth work. What is peace? where do we find it? how do we bring peace? what does it mean to be peaceful?

Paul is a part time youth worker in Birmingham and has worked with young people 25 years. He also lectures, works in school and a mentor in the community.

DR DAN MOXON – Sunday workshop on Digital Youth Work – where are we now? Recognising that as a profession whose skills and passion rested on face to face contact, we were forced to screen share, Menti-meter polls and Tik Tok dances! Did we create the key to successful digital youth work?

Director of People Dialogue and Change. During Covid he panic trained 500 plus youth workers to badly deliver youth work interventions on Zoom, Teams and Google meet.

HELEN GATENBY and CHRIS MACINTOSH – will be leading the Sunday session looking at how regional groups can make a difference

Helen founded M13 youth project in Manchester in 1995 and Chris now a manager at YPAC in North Manchester have come together as part of Manchester Detached Youth Work Strategic Group.

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